Announcement of  Comprehensive Residential Coaching Programme 2018 on “Civil Service Exam’ for students from IIT/Other reputed Engg. Institutes  /NIT/Medical, Management & Law Institutes.

On popular demand from professional students across the country ,“Samkalp” has been conducting such programmes for the last several years with very good results. In 2014 “CSE Exam” 5 students selected in 2015 from this centre. In 2015“CSE Exam” 30 students selected in 2016 from this centre. In 2016 “CSE Exam” 46 students selected in 2017 from this centre.

An additional feature of 2018’s programme  is that it involves coaching for 600 hrs as compared to 450 hrs in the past. The programme starts  on 7th May 2018 with facility to some students to join on 15th May 2018 and complete the courses 7 days later.  However any student who is unable to join within 7 days of commencement of the programme, we have made special arrangements with concerned faculties to cover the missed classes.

This special coaching programme has been drafted for professionals from different Institutes who are keen to get into “Civil Services” but due to paucity of time cannot enroll in coaching institutes for a period of 8-9 months and want to complete the full main course for  ‘IAS preparation’ during their vacation.

The expenditure for the programme has been kept to a reasonable and affordable level.

You may be aware that “Samkalp” is a voluntary, nonprofit organisation devoted to the progress and excellence of students from all sections of the society, who aspire for ‘Civil Service “as their career goal.

We look forward to participation of your students in this unique  programme.

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