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1 2020-01-29 CAA is meant to correct historical injustice: Modi (PM slams critics for spreading rumours) (Citizenship Amendment Bill) Hindu
2 2020-01-28 Assessing the anti-CAA protests (Linking the protests to Friday prayers was a strategic blunder) (Citizenship Amendment Bill) Hindu
3 2020-01-22 Questions on parents in NPR form may be dropped: Paswan (Even don?t know the date of birth of my parents, ) (Citizenship Amendment Bill) Hindu
4 2020-01-20 States have an obligation (It is declaration by some opposition ?ruled states that they will not implement CAA,) (Citizenship Amendment Bill) Ind.Exp
5 2020-01-13 CAA has exposed Pak;jail for anti- national slogans: Shah (Citizenship Amendment Bill) T.O.I
6 2020-01-11 Hypocrisy in the name of liberalism (Frustrated by their electoral reverses, the left has turned to manufacturing unrest) (Citizenship Amendment Bill) Ind.Exp
7 2020-01-02 HEED THE PUSHBACK (Centre must respond to the Kerala assembly resolution on CAA with sensitivity and care) (Citizenship Amendment Bill) Ind.Exp
8 2019-12-31 Modi tweets Sadhguru video to drum up support for CAA (Citizenship Amendment Bill) T.O.I
9 2019-12-30 Right question, wrong answer (For reducing illegal migration, bring in a refugee law, introduce work permits) (Citizenship Amendment Bill) Ind.Exp
10 2019-12-29 Protecting minors (In the context of protests against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act,2019) (Citizenship Amendment Bill) Hindu
11 2019-12-28 The intolerance of liberals (CAA NRC need to be debated objectively) (Citizenship Amendment Bill) Ind.Exp
12 2019-12-27 What are the amendments that the CAA needs (Citizenship Amendment Bill) Hindu
13 2019-12-25 Moral and pragmatic inclusion (Through CAA, India has reaffirmed its tradition of embracing people of different races and religions, customs and climes (Citizenship Amendment Bill) Ind. Exp
14 2019-12-24 Principle of discrimination based of faith will be difficult to limit? (Understanding the context and philosophy of Indian citizenship)(Citizenship Amendment Bill) Ind.Exp
15 2019-12-24 In citizenship debate, a related question ? that of Sri Lanka Tamils (Citizenship Amendment Bill) Ind.Exp
16 2019-12-22 What connects the NPR, NRIC and Census? (How is the National Population Register compiled? How is the related to citizenship and the decennial census?)(Citizenship Amendment Bill) Hindu
17 2019-12-22 Amid CAA anger, Assam readies land rights for its indigenous people. (Citizenship Amendment Bill) Ind.Exp
18 2019-12-21 Net loss (Disruption of connectivity should be resorted to only in the face of specific threats) (Citizenship Amendment Bill) Hindu
19 2019-12-21 A premature denouncement of the Citizenship Act. (Citizenship Amendment Bill) Hindu
20 2019-12-21 Common documents enough to prove citizenship: MHA (Those without papers may be allowed to produce witness) (Citizenship Amendment Bill) Hindu
21 2019-12-21 Reading Bangladesh provisions for Citizenship and freedom of religion. (Citizenship Amendment Bill) Ind.Exp
22 2019-12-20 A tale of two demands (Dr. Singh and the CPI(M) demanded citizenship for bangle refuges) (Citizenship Amendment Bill) Hindu
23 2019-12-20 ASSAM?S EDGE( Restiveness in the state has come full circle with the Citizenship Amendment Act) Ind.Exp
24 2019-12-20 A moral law (A misinformation campaign is underway to make Muslims fearful of CAA ) (Citizenship Amendment Bill) Ind.Exp
25 2019-12-20 Fire fighting Time (Government must reach out to citizens unhappy over CAA, NRC. Don?t silence their voices) (Citizenship Amendment Bill) T.O.I
26 2019-12-18 How Pakistan grants citizenship, what provisions cover its minorities Ind.Exp
27 2019-12-18 Addressing a Partition left-over (Grating citizenship to people persecuted for their faith does not violate the Constitution)(Citizenship Amendment Bill) Ind.Exp
28 2019-12-18 A time to unite (Citizenship law strains nation?s fabric. Opposition must come together fo fight it) Ind.Exp
29 2019-12-16 AT GREAT COST (New Citizenship law is taking toll on ties With Dhaka . Beyond Bangladesh, India?s reputation is taking a big hit (Citizenship Amendment Bill) Ind.Exp
30 2019-12-16 AT GREAT COST (New Citizenship law is taking toll on ties With Dhaka . Beyond Bangladesh, India?s reputation is taking a big hit (Citizenship Amendment Bill) Ind.Exp
31 2019-12-14 Strengthening Indian values (Citizenship Amendment Bill will end persecution of those for whom Partition is an ongoing reality) Ind.Exp
32 2019-12-12 BRUTE MAJORITY (Poisonous?Citizenship Amendment Bill?should have been stopped in House. Judiciary must rise to Constitution?s defense)?? Ind. Exp
33 2019-11-19 Relook Needed (Proposed?Citizenship Amendment Bill?should embrace persecuted people of all religions)? T.O.I
34 19/1/2020 Sibal: States can?t say won?t implement CAA it is not possible, unconstitutional (Citizenship Amendment Bill) Ind.Exp
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